Hi! Welcome to the example blog for PSCI 22700 (Theories of International Relations). When you set up your blog, I’ll ask that you write an introductory post. In it, please introduce yourself (the usual name, major, pronouns, and other expected pleasantries/important information), and tell us a little bit about what you’re interested in International Relations. Note: It doesn’t have to be theory. I’d really love to know what issues concern you (either historically, urgently in the contemporary world, or more abstractly) in international politics. In other words, I want to know what you’re interested in, and from where you’re thinking about what you’re interested in! With that in mind I think it’s only fair that I do one too:

Hello, I’m Will Kujala. As you know I’m the professor for PSCI 22700. My training is at the crossroads of political theory and international relations. I’ve taught IR theory before, as well as International Organizations and Ethics in International Relations. What really animates me politically in IR is questions around dissent and how the discipline of IR can do justice to revolutionary politics, a topic that it has typically shied away from. Broadly speaking I’m interested in questions of ‘global justice,’ colonialism and anticolonialism, and political violence in IR. If you care, in my work as a political theorist I mostly study revolutionary thought in the 1960s, though my interests are far broader! In my research right now I’m working on two things: a collaborative project on collective memory in IR, and some solo work on revolutionary internationalism in the 1960s.